Mt Lawley Test Centre


$330 (excluding GST) or $363 (including GST). Depending on your reason for taking the IELTS test, your test fee may or may not include GST. See the credit card payment form, below, for details.

Online provisional IELTS result

NOTE: The results are now available 13 days after the test from 5pm AEST and will gradually be released over 24 hours.

Your IELTS result will usually be available online 13 days after your test date, and will remain available for 28 days thereafter. Your official Test Report Form will STILL be posted to you 13 days after the test. Please note the preview of your IELTS result cannot be used as official confirmation of your test result. Click here and follow the instructions to view your online provisional results.

Forms and Documents for Mt Lawley Test Centre

This information is updated regularly

Information Flyer (includes the next available test date and campus map)
Credit card payment form
Checklist for postal applications (please print, complete and include with application)

Mt Lawley Test Dates

2014 Test Dates Type of Test 5 week Deadline/No Refund Date
Please note the PIBT Reception in Mt Lawley will be closed on Wednesday 2nd April
10th May 2014 General & Academic 4th April 2014
24th May 2014 Academic only 18th April 2014
7th June 2014 General & Academic 2nd May 2014
21st June 2014 General & Academic 16th May 2014
19th July 2014 General & Academic 13th June 2014
2nd August 2014 General & Academic 27th June 2014
16th August 2014 General & Academic 11th July 2014
6th September 2014 General & Academic 1st August 2014
20th September 2014 General & Academic 15th August 2014
11th October 2014 General & Academic 5th September 2014
1st November 2014 General & Academic 26th September 2014
22nd November 2014 General & Academic 17th October 2014
6th December 2014 General & Academic 31st October 2014


Please see information under Courses for IELTS.

Q: What is the confirmation email?

A : A confirmation email will be sent to all candidates 5 working days before the test date. This email will confirm the test date, time, location and information regarding what to bring with you on the test day. You must print and bring the confirmation email with you on your test day or you will not be admitted to the test.

If you do not receive your confirmation email by the Thursday before the test, it is your responsibility to contact the centre by sending an email to (for tests at Mt Lawley test centre).

Q: How do I contact the IELTS test centre on Mt Lawley campus?

A : Email:
Website: or
Phone: +61 (0)8 6279 1164

Q: How do I register for an IELTS test place?

A : Registration may be made in person or by post:
IELTS Test Centre
Building 10 Mt Lawley Campus
2 Bradford Street
Mt Lawley WA 6050

Please read the Information Flyer carefully for application process and documentation.

Q: What hours can I apply for an IELTS test place on Mt Lawley campus?

A : Monday to Friday: 8.00am - 4.00pm

Please note the PIBT Reception in Mt Lawley will be closed on Wednesday 2nd April

Q: What dates can I take the test on Mt Lawley campus?

A : Tests are held on Saturdays. Download the IELTS Information Flyer or visit the IELTS test centre on Mt Lawley campus for more information.